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[Post New]by Althena533 on Mar 31, 13 6:09 PM
If you want a real challenge try a few M. C. Escher pictures! ;v) Like the one with all the staircases going every other which way! ;v)

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[Post New]by armadillogirl on Oct 31, 13 9:39 PM
Hi Althena533, I really love this game. I took your advice and added a M.C. Escher print. I went to 'Images' at my home page and typed in MC Escher. The one I picked, so far, is the one with all the different rooms and stairs. Wow, what a challenge! I got really blown away. It was so hard!!!... Later I thought what if I colorized the print? It seemed like it'd be cheating but I did it anyway. I did it by saving the picture in 'My Pictures' on my computer. Then I edited it in PICmonkey. This site is so cool for editing pictures. Now the puzzle is not so frustrating. If you reply to this, I could email the colorized version to you, but I think you might have fun doing the actual coloring yourself, if you wanted it colored. Check it out.

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