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DD March 31st 2013

[Post New]by NIMHURCHU on Mar 31, 13 8:16 PM
This was an excellent deal at $2.99, for me. With the mediocre star review, I didn't expect too much out of this game, but I needed the punch to fill my card. I was surprised to find that I absolutely loved this game!

There is no option for mode of play. This is not a game for those who despise sparkles, as they are throughout the game. Also, in the beginning , there are a lot of arrows. It seems like a tutorial, and the arrows did disappear somewhere in my second half hour of gameplay. ( I played for approximately 7 hours). The sparkles did not bother me at all, as I normally play in casual mode, and there are always sparkles.

There are no voiceovers.

There is no map. I found it unnecessary, and I am easily disoriented.

There is a journal. I found it helpful in placing found items.

HOGS: There are approximately -
24 "find items on a list" HOS.
5 "find x number of y" e.g 16 keys.
64 "rings" HOS i.e. must find between 4 to 8 items to place in rings to get a needed item.

Hints: The hint button fills in about 30 secs. The hint does work outside of HOS. Several times throughout the game, I found the hint button to be unhelpful. It would send me to an area, I would click again to get some indication of what I was supposed to do, and it would just send me back out. However, by simply exploring every possible area, and consulting the journal, I managed to quickly move on.

Puzzles: There are approximately 38 puzzles. I found most of the puzzles to be of easy to medium difficulty. Some were simply tedious and time consuming. Puzzles can be skipped in 45 secs.

There are approximately 16 tasks to complete in which one must acquire 4 or 5 pieces of an object to progress. e.g. 4 pieces of a doll. The HOS and puzzles will provide those pieces.

Note: There are pentagrams. There is a chapter that some may find gruesome. Highlight for details - There is a chapter dealing with the torture and burning of witches at the stake, but there is no graphic video. One "ring" HOS requires searching for human organs and the following puzzle requires placing these organs in the torso.

Overall, this game moved along quickly and smoothly, with so many varying types of HOS and puzzles. It was a bargain for me, but do try the demo!

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Re:DD March 31st 2013

[Post New]by lilyr on Mar 31, 13 8:51 PM
TY! I just recently played the first one (for the first time) and really enjoyed it. I already have the 2nd but your review may bump it up closed to the top of the "to be played" list!

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