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Level 38 Gold

[Post New]by nanekochan on Apr 1, 13 3:16 PM
Can anyone give some advice as to how to achieve this? Thanks!

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Re:Level 38 Gold

[Post New]by jayel48 on Apr 2, 13 11:15 AM
Try this - it took me awhile, but I finally made gold.

Clear the path to the rock shack and the general shack (lower right) and build them, meanwhile the other guy should be clearing rocks.
As soon as you have enough rocks, build a statue. keep clearing and collecting rocks to build the other two statues.
Then build the seed shack - upgrade the rock shack and seed shack as soon as possible.
Upgrade the truck twice and build the security officer shack - free guys should be planting red/orange trees/flowers whenever they have the time and the seed
Upgrade the tool shack
Build the water shack and the buildings in the upper left.
keep your watering guy going, but upgrade the watering shack.
Build the 4 alarms.
Fix the swimming pool while collecting $$ from the exchange shack in the upper left.

good luck !


Re:Level 38 Gold

[Post New]by fairhavenfish01 on Apr 2, 13 1:20 PM
I also found that it was important to keep "barriers" against the villains as long as possible - so the only one that I broke initially was the one at the center bottom because I needed the wood to upgrade the top tool shed by the truck. That way, I could concentrate on the interior of the garden, and the only items "stolen" was the wood between the swimming pool and the path to the policeman's hut.


Re:Level 38 Gold

[Post New]by RowanGolightly on May 9, 13 10:43 PM
Fairhavenfish, that suggestion to keep the barriers between some of the thieves was a really good one, thanks! Is it only me that found their maniacal laughter really annoying?

I didn't upgrade the truck but I did upgrade the waterers. The order I found that worked was to get to the stone and seed shacks first, repair the gold statues and then the police shack at the same time, if possible. And then the security alarms as quickly as possible. Getting enough tools quickly enough was the real problem for me.

And thanks for the trick of using yellow and orange flowers, although I found that in a couple of the plots they're more pinkish than anything else.

It's now the next one's theme that is driving me nuts.

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Re:Level 38 Gold

[Post New]by mikenamy on Jun 2, 13 2:13 PM
How in the world do you get enough money in time for gold. I have done everything, but loose the gold because I need more money and I am having people pick up tools and supplies all the time.

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