Now what?

[Post New]by bevahlee on Apr 1, 13 5:26 PM
I have won all the awards, gotten 9 plus million points and wish there were other challenges besides the daily. I've really enjoyed this game (obviously). lol

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Re:Now what?

[Post New]by Sirocco on Apr 7, 13 3:53 PM
Hi there and thanks for your reply. I have been afraid to play the Merry Men too early and trying to hold them for later in the game so now I am experimenting. As to what next. I just started a whole new game under Alariel to see if I could improve my game from the outset. I have all the awards except doing the game under 95 which is very frustrating so any hints gratefully received to help with that. I love this game and keep coming back to it. I guess I will try the second version to see if that is any good eventually. Do you remember what is the most the black knight has bet you? Happy Gaming!

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