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DD - April 2nd 2013

[Post New]by NIMHURCHU on Apr 2, 13 3:51 PM
This game was a mediocre game, but worth $2.99, for me.

There is only one mode of play. There are sparkles only for HOS and puzzles.

There are voiceovers.

There is no journal. This became a problem for me only a couple of times when a task required remembering clues, such as symbols that were in a different location. Keep pen and paper handy.

There is, what is referred to in the tutorial as, a "map". I thought that it was more of a task list, than a map. It did not help to navigate. e.g highlight to read... At a point, I was lost and consulted the "map". There was a reference to an area that I had been in, but I forgot how I had gotten there. The hint was unhelpful, but eventually I noticed the trap door that I had used. It was very frustrating, as the hint button never pointed to that trap door.
Also, your hint button will deplete if you use it for direction.

HOS: There are approximately 22 interactive HOS. The graphics were a bit blurry, but acceptable, for me. Some of the interactions were clever and unique.

Hint: Recharges in approximately 45 secs. The hint does work outside of HOS. It was sometimes helpful in puzzles, as it would place an item, or give instructions. At other times, the hint would just say "area cleared" in the puzzle, even though it was not completed.

Puzzles: There are approx. 15 puzzles. There are no instructions, but the hint button sometimes gives instructions. Puzzles can be skipped in 90 secs. Puzzles varied from simple to difficult, for me. I had difficulty with the puzzles requiring hand/eye coordination and speed. There were 3 of these types in a row. Most of the puzzles were of the usual variety, such as pipes, picture and melody memory. Two of the puzzles had a time component. Highlight for details: In the final chapter, there was a memory match puzzle(turn over stones to match 2 at a time). However, there was an extremely fast timing bar on the top of the screen. I couldn't move fast enough. The final puzzle also has a very fast timer, but only requires one action to complete.

Overall, I enjoyed the first 3hrs out of 4 hrs total gameplay, for me. It just became monotonous. The cartoon cutscenes were funny and entertaining. I don't regret purchasing, but probably won't play it again. Not a bad game for $2.99.

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