The game stay as a demo

[Post New]by thyca29 on Apr 2, 13 4:31 PM
I bought this game few weeks ago. I've been busy playing other game and I carried it on yesterday. I was arrived at the attic with the diaries and the crystal ball, I was stuck for a while, I've been on the forum, saw that there was an update for this game but I'd never got it by the way. I found a solution, came back to my crystal ball and, yes !!, sorted it out. I was waiting for the end of the cutscene when appeared "THANKS FOR PLAYING DEMO. BUY THE GAME ON OUR WEBSITE"
Ooops !!! what went wrong ?

On the GameManager it says "It's your own game - Play again" but it's always the same ... end of the demo

I want you to assure me that if I uninstall and reinstall this game it will work. I don't know if it worth it as I never had the update.

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