Chapter 2, level 3 help

[Post New]by cheeky_monkey_ on Apr 2, 13 6:35 PM
I cannot find the other 3 shells. I also need one more strength to chop down a fence to expand my territory. I have cut down every plant I could and have re-explored all areas but cannot figure out what I need to do. HELP!

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Re:Chapter 2, level 3 help

[Post New]by athene72 on Apr 2, 13 7:48 PM
you need to get a key from the chief for i think 100 wood, then go the "other area" where you have a large farm and bakery. There is a chest, thats where the other shells are


Re:Chapter 2, level 3 help

[Post New]by Creepycrawler on Apr 26, 13 7:38 PM
The 3 shells and strength are in the chest in the cave.


Re:Chapter 2, level 3 help

[Post New]by pilot50 on Jun 10, 13 6:26 AM
If this the level I think it is, this is driving me bananas!!!!!
I have all the shells, but I cannot find the last blue flower! I have chopped down every bush and cactus, but I cannot see it anywhere. I have also searched the other 2 areas, but its not anywhere there either.
Can anyone help?????

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