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[Post New]by abbyD on Apr 5, 13 11:50 PM
I was going along, enjoying the game, happy I finally got the last set of the harp challenge correct, when the guy in the room regained consciousness. He said his little monologue about how he was the best musician and then he picked up what appeared to be a piccolo and began to play it. AAAAGGHH! He was blowing in the wrong end! The mouthpiece is clearly on the other end! And he's holding it to the left instead of to the right! He was the Master's favorite?! After you put me through the agony of that piano puzzle that had to be played perfectly or it would reset, the harp memory game, and finding shawls that are the size of doilies, you could at least get something as simple as blowing into the mouthpiece of an instrument correct!

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