level 35

[Post New]by Tammytaa on Apr 6, 13 3:53 PM
hard time getting gold been on it 2 days. I think I am having trouble understanding how the diving suits work because I run out plants.

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Re:level 35

[Post New]by aymes on Apr 7, 13 4:31 PM
Hello Tammytaa, thanks for playing the Tribloos 2! I hope you're enjoying it

Level 35, and any of the levels where diving suits is a target are slightly tricker because you only achieve the target if all of the diving suits are at base and not being worn by workers.

Eg. if the target is 30 diving suits and you have 20 back at base but 10 out being worn by workers, you won't achieve the target. You need all 30 suits back at base for the target to be hit.

Hope that helps with explaining the diving suits issue.

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Level 35 - how do you get gold?

[Post New]by 1524Cats on Jun 29, 13 6:31 AM
I've been playing this level for weeks. I understand the diving suits but how do i get gold. I've tried doing things in different order and sometimes I can't even get bronze!

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