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Stuck inside Tunnel !!

[Post New]by ELadyG1013 on Apr 7, 13 1:44 PM
I have done everything the walkthrough says to do, but can go no further !! This is so frustrating to me !! In my inventory I have a pickaxe,hand pump,mousetrap W/cheese and a lighter. I have tried repeatedly to use the pickaxe on the rocks, but she keeps talking about hitting her head because it's dark ! I have already run the cord with the light and there's also a candle there....what the heck else am I suppose to do...maybe I missed something I just don't know what. Walkthrough and hint button keeps leading me here.....can someone, anyone offer any help !


Re:Stuck inside Tunnel !!

[Post New]by kayos1945 on Oct 13, 13 8:16 AM
Go back to the admin room up the stairs. Put the blue print on top of the other blue print on the desk. Then go back to the tunnel and you can enter the far end of it to continue the game

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