virtual city paradise resort alaska 13

[Post New]by frankie1952 on Apr 8, 13 10:20 AM
Hello everyone, I got a little problem. I demolish everything I could. I got 5 red buses to airport to Ice hotel, 5 red buses to marina to Ice hotel, got a plaza but my visitors still not going up, got only around 800, can you help me please, thank you. hope my english is ok I ama french canadian.

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Re:virtual city paradise resort alaska 13

[Post New]by ricoblade on Apr 13, 13 2:05 AM
Hi - I don't use the Airport or Marina as they are too far away from the Ice Hotel.

Instead I build a Bus Stop in the Houses near the Garage and surround it with Large Houses then upgrade them.

I demolished all the Production buildings and the Houses near the Shopping Mall and the Mall itself.

In this way I had a population next to the Garage of 300 and had 7 3 star Buses running from there to the Ice Hotel which got me to the 1000 Visitor Rating.

Hope that makes sense and you can translate it OK!

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