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Level 17 on all difficulty settings (and...)

[Post New]by Yaelle on Apr 9, 13 8:53 AM
couldnt fit all I needed to say in the subject line LOL.
In Forgotten Fields - -

Ok so I *could* get past level 17 on easy mode, however it was the only level which I couldnt get 3 stars.
I think it was the same for the medium setting and for the hardest difficulty setting I cant get past it at all. Could anyone help?

The reason I say "I THINK" is because I have never been able to get the game to run in windowed mode. IDK if thats a Mac thing or what. I've actually had a lot of technical problems with Royal Defense, but I quite like this game so I just deal.

Is that a thing? Can it not be run outside of full screen? Is that sentence impossible to answer? Switch it around: If I asked YOU that sentence & then you replied "yes", would you punch me in the face? LOL LOL LOL. Because its pretty darn confusing.

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