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Chapter 11 - How do I get Strength 3?

[Post New]by acerb on Apr 10, 13 7:07 AM
After going into the cave I am able to get strength 2 however, after turning levers I don't get the option to go across to the 3rd island to be able to get the oratory 2 and to press the levers to bring up the other tables. You need the strength 3 to be able to turn the middle lever, which I assume brings the stepping stones to get across to the 3rd island...... Also after putting in the suspended bridge I can't go any further. Its very frustrating to say the least.

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Re:Chapter 11 - How do I get Strength 3?

[Post New]by ricoblade on Apr 11, 13 10:03 AM
Hi - this should be the order in the cave:

- Lever top right reveals 2 paths to the island
- Bottom lever on the island reveals the strength stone top right
- Top lever and bottom lever on the island reveal strength stone top left
- Lever top left reveals oratory stone top middle
- Middle lever on the island reveals path to the oratory stone
- Levers middle top right and middle top left reveal ruby skull bottom left

Hope that helps!

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