gramaphone piece

[Post New]by sandyb23 on Apr 10, 13 2:26 PM
i cant seem to move forward until i find that pc. help!

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Re:gramaphone piece

[Post New]by NancyLou9 on Apr 20, 13 8:37 PM
Seems a number of us are in the same boat and BigFish has a give a crap attitude about it.

I guess getting our money is far more important than giving us a game we can actually play.

Pity, that. This was once a great place for games. Now it's just a financial drain. I haven't gotten a free game credit each month for a long, long time, which was once part of the membership I've had with them for, literally, years.

But, again, they couldn't care less about their customers, any longer. They're all about the Benjamins.

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