What items banish what characters

[Post New]by joeybabe1 on Apr 12, 13 4:46 PM
I have all these items in my utilities tab (eg, meat, ice, snowballs, skulls, etc) and want to know what items banish which characters. I know the basic ones, I am up to level 35 (as I had to start over when my computer died). Thanks in advance. Happy gaming

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Re:What items banish what characters

[Post New]by Matahari24 on Apr 13, 13 12:22 AM
Hello joeybabe1 and welcome to the pond.

Take a look here

It is a "sticky" discussion on the first page of his forum, called "where to find all items and where to use them list".

If you scroll down you will find info about all you need for banishing/bartering with the "floaters".

Hope it is helpful.

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