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ranch rush 3

[Post New]by looloopy on Apr 13, 13 4:17 AM
Hello fellow fishies, I am new to forums although I have been with BF since 2oo7 but am now retired and can learn a little . Question 1. In time management game ie Ranch rush and my kingdom for a princess, do I stop trying to beat the clock by doing everything faster or should I be looking at things in another way? I have a hundred games to catch up on so with my new found freedom after a life time of slog, I am still up for a challenge. I am in recovery after breast cancer etc so am relishing some time and hone my skills which are still pretty sharp for a 70 year old. I hoe I get a response and can find out how to reply. HAPPY ANGLING


Re:ranch rush 3

[Post New]by Blooming_Lilac on Oct 24, 13 11:29 PM
Hi. I see this post has been here a while, but I wanted to try and answer your question. You do need to beat the clock by rushing if you're playing the timed version. Only this collector's edition has an untimed mode to unlock. I don't own My Kingdom For The Princess, but I did play the demo. If I recall correctly, you do have to beat the clock in that game.

I hope you're doing well and enjoying your games. Sounds like you've been through a rough patch. Glad you're in recovery. I'll try and remember to come back and check for a reply. Best wishes!

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