Very slow start up/ Shut down

[Post New]by MaccasWell on Apr 14, 13 7:55 AM
I have just installed the trial version of this game and when I started it up, the credit screen (the companies that assisted in creating/ distributing the game) was slower than usual.
Then when the opening screen came up, it slowly faded in (which I understand it shouldn't) and then after entering my name and started the game, after loading up which was slightly slower than other games, like the start screen, it slowly faded in with the ghostly breath sound.
And then found that if you want to exit both the game in progress and the game itself, it is very slow to respond.
I checked my system requirements and found that all is okay with my computer (So don't ask me to do something I have already done) and updated all my drivers including video (so same deal there)
I'm at my wits end. What is happening and what can I do? Because I may have to dispose of this game and not purchase any games from this series (if any more come up).

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Re:Very slow start up/ Shut down

[Post New]by bfgBiwa on Apr 15, 13 3:21 AM
Heya MaccasWell, welcome to the Pond!

I'm really sorry that your game seems to be running so slow, how very frustrating!

As it seems that you have already tried most of the steps that we can offer via the Forums (our possibilities are very limited that way), I would definitely recommend that you get in touch with our dedicated Tech Support Team and that you send them a>Dr. Felix Diagnostic Report with your message. They'll be happy to have a look at everything for you to make sure that you can enjoy the game!

You can contact them 24/7 by clicking on the green envelope at the top-right of this page. On the next page you can find the Contact Us link on the bottom-left.

I also wanted to let you know that we try to gather all information about technical problems with the game in our dedicated tech thread here. I'll go ahead and lock this topic but please feel free to repost in our tech discussion at any time!

I hope this helps!


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