Happyville: Quest For Utopia Observation, Tip.

[Post New]by puppydogtails on Apr 14, 13 11:30 AM
I have played this game many times trying to 'make everybody happy' in Happyville after reaching the 200 citizen requirement.

This requirement does seem to be the 'end' of the game. Because the goal before you reach this is worded something like 'Utopia' and that is reached when you gain 200 citizens, if you notice the wording of the goal. I do believe that is the actual 'ending goal' and 'make everyone happy' that comes afterward is more a less, play at will freemode.

With that said IF creating a Utopia by gaining 200 citizens is the actual end goal of the game, then it is no wonder no one can actually obtain the unattainable (make everyone happy) and actually get the game to recognize they are at some point or other after that 200 citizens are reached.

Anyway, if you are running out of room, and see house that has 'issues' and you don't know what they are..just delete it. Wait a few minutes and the 'Sim' will move to another location. I am under the belief it is not always decorations they want..but to be closer to work or closer to where a job is located, and if you watch, they will move in with someone else somewhere, and you now have a clean spot to place a lot for someone else that is homeless. This is especially true when you get to 200 citizens. All lots full but delete one that has an issue that isn't specified and they will find a house on their own..not sure who they move in with, but they do. And probably closer to their jobs or a job opening. (Married with children residents also move if you delete the house they don't like.)

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