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All Secret Item Locations revealed. Part 1

[Post New]by bowlmn on Apr 14, 13 7:28 PM
Well fishies, second install of Adelantado is here. And I am here to help with those secret items again.
This will hopefully help you find them all, if you get stuck. This will get you in the right are.
Unless otherwise noted, they are in the "main" area where you start out.

Note that on most levels, you can go back to get these after talking to the last chief, but before picking up the key piece for that level, as the timer stops.
Good luck.

book 1

chapter 1 (5 secret items)

1 Near the well. Tablet. Out in the open.
2 bush to right of restored workers hut.
3 tablet in bushes by rescued survivors.
4 bush right of Alter in survivors area.
5 tablet in bush above temple.

Chapter 2 (5 secret items)

1 bush below saw mill.
2 in trees left of sawmill. woodsman will reveal.
3 you must cut tree above woodcutter.
4 bush above indian gardens.
5 chest next to granite mine hole in last area.

Chapter 3 (7 secret items)

1 you must cut tree left side of woods. build wood cutter to reveal.
2 tablet by bush above warehouse.
3 smallest stalagmite inside cave (far right)
4 bottle left of oratory gem in second area. after saving survivors
5 in trees after swap fill in. (build wood cutter to reveal)
6 buried gold in bush below indian garden
7 tablet in bush near Teoaomqui's statuette (for elder)

Chapter 4 (8 secret items)

1 In bush before 1st tribesman
2 In bush above 3rd tribesman you must speak with
3 cut tree above village NW of Alter of Mist. (above mushroom girl)
4 break rock below magic alter (purple sphere)
5 cut tree on right side of security fence
6 bush next to alter of water
7 underground passage. stalagmite behind 3rd totem.
8 bottle outside left wall on big temple (pyramid)

chapter 5 (10 secret items)

1 Bushes above mint
2 cut tree by between caveman holes
3 bushes to right of second area entrance
4 then crack rock to the right of that (very small)
5 bushes below rescued survivors second area
6 bush above/left silver mine second area
7 small stalagmite in cave
8 bush near broken rafts
9 buried in granite rocks right of cave entrance (hard to see)
10 bottle below trader on island (left of prison w/captive)

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Re:All Secret Item Locations revealed. Part 1

[Post New]by bfgMonongahela on Apr 18, 13 3:58 PM
Hi bowlmn,

Thanks for taking the time to posts this list for the other Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two players!

I'm going to add a sticky to these threads now to make them easier for everyone to find.



Re:All Secret Item Locations revealed. Part 1

[Post New]by msmetalmom on Apr 18, 13 5:50 PM
Thanks for this walkthrough. The "bottled" secrets I would never have found without your help, I am positive of that! LOL! There were a couple of others I didn't find the first time I played the gaime, either. I am looking forward to the walkthrough for the secrets in Part 2. Thanks again!

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Re:All Secret Item Locations revealed. Part 1

[Post New]by bowlmn on Apr 20, 13 1:13 AM
Your welcome msmetalmom. Love this game, and glad I could be of help to find all the secret items.


Re:All Secret Item Locations revealed. Part 1

[Post New]by Fuzz1Butt on Apr 20, 13 10:18 PM
Thanks for posting this. Replaying the game and trying to find all the secrets. I missed the bottles, went and chopped every bush in level 3. You save my sanity.

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Re:All Secret Item Locations revealed. Part 1

[Post New]by Lazeedragon on May 15, 14 5:30 PM
wondered y could not find all secrets did not know about the bottles tyvm ^^


Re:All Secret Item Locations revealed. Part 1

[Post New]by Gwynafel on Oct 3, 14 10:43 AM
Oh mannish I've looked everywhere and can't find any bottle in the area where I saved 4 survivors! The Oratory Jewel is surrounded by 4 bushes, but no bottle. I've cleaned out every bush and didn't find it.


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