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All Secret Item Locations revealed. Part 2 chapters 1-3

[Post New]by bowlmn on Apr 14, 13 7:33 PM
Part 2

Chapter 1 (11 secret items)

1 bush right of totem
2 cactus left of fire/above worker house.
3 cactus right of small camp in second area.
4 bushes right of repaired worker house. (above passage to 3rd area)
5 Cactus right of waterworks
6 cut tree above indian hut in 3rd area
7 break rock after filling in gap. (go up-against canyon wall)
8 cactus left of cave entrance. (right of granite pile)
9 tablet IN middle of granite pile. (may need to clear granite)
10 2nd stalagmite to right in cave. (below magic alter)
11 cut tree left of stone totem pole above indian village

chapter 2 (12 secret items)

1 in forest to right of starting point
2 also in forest. woodcutter will reveal
3 forest in second area. woodcutter will reveal
4 tablet behind house above the farm, in the second area
5 rock behind cactus in 2nd area. (below spot for silver mine)
6 in cave of second area. big stalagmite near entrance.
7 rock on plateau above starting point (below 1st captive)
8 cactus left of strength gem s/w of Alter of water and indian village.
9 rock right of second captive
10 cut tree left of cart workshop
11 tablet left arm of cave. (out in the open-PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT THIS SAYS)
12 stalagmite in cent of cave below skeleton

Chapter 3 (11 secret items)

1 behind cactus above waterworks
2 bush right of workshop
3 in cave. stalagmite left of alter of earth
4 in cave. stalagmite left of the OTHER alter of earth
5 rock behind cactus. (above upper suspension build spot)
6 bush left of stone cutter in second area.
7 cactus left of alter of speed
8 cactus above totem after 1st suspension build spot (lower spot)
9 cactus right of stone pillar entry. (n/e of trader anamac)
10 bush above indian garden
11 cut tree s/w of warrior guard by 4 pillars. (near the end)

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Re:All Secret Item Locations revealed. Part 2 chapters 1-3

[Post New]by bfgMonongahela on Apr 18, 13 3:59 PM
Just swimming in to add a sticky to this helpful thread!


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Re:All Secret Item Locations revealed. Part 2 chapters 1-3

[Post New]by Lazeedragon on Apr 30, 14 12:42 PM
thank you for this

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