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Reviews for Trade Mania 2

[Post New]by bfgBiwa on Apr 15, 13 12:44 AM
Hi Fishies!
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Re:Reviews for Trade Mania 2

[Post New]by bfgBiwa on Apr 15, 13 12:44 AM
Hi Fishies,
I just wanted to add to the OP: This thread has been reserved for reviews only.
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Re:Reviews for Trade Mania 2

[Post New]by Imberis on Apr 15, 13 1:26 AM
This game is basically like a really fancy Monopoly.

You play against other computer players. You spin a wheel to see how far you move for your turn (or you land on a "special" area, which is kind of like Chance cards in Monopoly). Your character moves, and you land on properties. You can either buy that property (if you have the money) or buy products at that property, which you load into your truck and try to sell at another property for a profit. There are cards to buy that will increase your chances at winning big, but they're fairly expensive and sometimes aren't worth the price. You can also build different things on the properties you own to increase the rent your competitors must pay you when they land on that property, or other perks. Your objective is to own a certain percentage of each city's properties, and then you win that particular area and unlock a new area.

There are also objectives that show up, and if you meet these objectives you get some extra cash.

The game goes SO slowly at first, but eventually will return to "normal" speed, which is much, much better. The character pieces will move around the board faster, and you can move the speed to "fast" if you choose. It's also a little slow/boring when everyone is low on cash and there's nothing to do for a few rounds.

I don't know how I feel about this game, honestly. It's sort of fun, but it's basically like playing a board game by yourself. There are some grammar issues, but it's nothing too terrible. I keep playing on, so I must like it a little. It does seem like a game you'd have to leave and come back to every once in a while, because it would get boring to play it for long stretches of time.


Re:Reviews for Trade Mania 2

[Post New]by bickerlynne on Apr 15, 13 2:21 AM
I loved the first Trade Mania. This one is much the same. More cards and tasks available. I bought it straight out with looking at the demo.

I do wish there was an explanation for all the new tasks and cards.

Haven't finished the first city yet, but I am enjoying the game.

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Re:Reviews for Trade Mania 2

[Post New]by sartasia on Apr 15, 13 7:25 AM
I too bought this sequel without a demo. Really enjoyed the first so I was happy to discover the devs have created another. Won't repeat what has already been said as to game play other than to add it is fun and quasi educational. It's true that it has it's similarities with Monopoly but it is more interactive. You learn what famous buildings and structures exist in each city you choose, buy larger and larger vehicles to carry more and more stock to sell on your stops around the city and you also can choose the amount of competitors you have. The goods you buy and sell ( and also when and where to sell) are optional to you but help to gain funds, There is an element of strategy to this game that as it steps up in pace becomes addictive. Good one to keep on your Desktop.
I've bought it... the DL is complete... I'm off to play!

Try before you buy!
Happy Gaming!


Re:Reviews for Trade Mania 2

[Post New]by catsholidayhome on Apr 15, 13 11:19 AM
Bought it as loved the first one. First round a lot of fun but have replayed the second campaign 5 times and still the other players start off with a property - you don't - then very hard to play catch up - boring now........

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Re:Reviews for Trade Mania 2

[Post New]by stingstungme on Apr 15, 13 3:45 PM
Here is the review that I just wrote a few minutes ago but it takes 72 hours to be published if they choose it. Review is in quotes.

"Absolutely loved Trade Mania 1. It never got old. Replayability was through the roof. Was overjoyed when I saw part 2. It is even better than the first.
They have added some features to the game such as being able to build items (factory, supermarket, hotel) on your property.
Being able to unmortgage your problem without landing on it is a PLUS. Thank you developers! =)
The only thing I didn't care for was the casino spot. I don't like Roulette. Hopefully in part 3, they will give you an option to pick between a few casino games like 21, high or low, etc.
I played for all but 18 minutes in the demo before closing it so I could buy it and write this review. =)"

The game gives you info and tidbits on property so you learn a bit. If only my teachers could have found a way to do this with my math classes maybe I would have stayed awake. :p

I find it to be a definite must buy. With a lot of games, I play them once and never again unless I am trying to get gold or expert on a level.
With games like Trade Mania and Picket Fences, nothing is predictable.

I never noticed the similarity to Monopoly but there are similarities. Monopoly is my favorite board game ever so it figures I would love this.

P.S. Anyone that played Tradia Mania 1 would know how much of a godsend the car insurance card is. Nothing got my goat more than buying an expensive card then having to downgrade to an older car.

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Re:Reviews for Trade Mania 2

[Post New]by sewbizzy on Apr 15, 13 9:37 PM
LUV IT! New favorite game. Many of the things I wished for from Trade Mania I are in this new game.

I am saving Moscow for tomorrow, but the game is definitely harder when your opponents start out with not only properties, but improved properties providing them income from the start. It is more of a challenge which is a good thing!


Re:Reviews for Trade Mania 2

[Post New]by ExpatSooner on Apr 20, 13 5:42 AM
I erally enjoyed the first Trade Mania game.

This one, not so much.

I like the different ways to improve the properties. It adds a level of sophistication that the first game lacked.

I really hate that the other players start off with propery right from the beginning. I play games to relax after work and this does not add fun for me, it adds stress. I am always in the hole and certain players get off very quickly (like Victor in Moscow) and you are in a hole the entire game. Not fun. If they had property but started with less money it would be more fair but they buy all the property before I can get anything working. I'm always faced with the situation of buy property and be broke or pass it up and watch other players buy it before I can come around again. Not a good casual gaming expericnce.

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Reviews for Trade Mania 2

[Post New]by cbellcrm on Apr 20, 13 11:17 AM
This review is for those who have played the first Trade Mania game. I am writing this after completing the first city, Vancouver, in the campaign mode.

The map was great of Seattle in the first game. Then it started going downhill where the spinner covered up your view. This game is MUCH worse. The only way to see the rent charged in North Vancouver was BEFORE YOU SPIN zoom in and then scroll up. Information you needed was often hidden under the character tabs and no amount of zooming or scrolling would move the info to where you could see it. The map kept zooming in and out on its own. The path you were following was frequently behind buildings. The computer characters have a steady stream of small talk in dialogue bubbles that further clutters the screen.

There was a lot less educational information. I really enjoyed that part of the original game. Here the information, if available at all, mostly just tells you that it is in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada or that a maritime museum has exhibits about the sea. I learned NOTHING about Vancouver.

The gameplay is improved. Discount cards cost less, they can be used for automobile purchases, and there are more types of cards available. In addition to trades and real estate, you can gamble in a casino or buy stock in your competitor's company, although I still don't understand how either of these features work. There are three types of buildings: hotels which work like the first game, factories which reduce the rent when people land there but give you income EVERY TURN, and supermarkets which boost your profit when you sell products there from 30% to 300%. There are more ways to spend your money, more strategy, more different ways to win.

If you liked the first Trade Mania, I recommend this one.

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Reviews for Trade Mania 2

[Post New]by cbellcrm on Apr 20, 13 11:35 AM
This review is for those who have NOT played the first Trade Mania game.

If Mania brings up images of a time management click-fest, push those thoughts out of your mind. This is a turn-based strategy game designed to resemble a board game with tokens moving about the board, events, cards, etc. Your opponents don't do anything until you click "End Turn."

The Trade part of the name is accurate as you buy products where they are cheap and sell them where they are expensive. On top of the trading game is a real estate board game very similar to Monopoly. You can either try to bankrupt your opponents, as in Monopoly, or buy them out by purchasing stock in their company.

There is a lot of strategy involved and constant decisions to be made. Even the random act of moving about the board is made strategic by cards which can affect movement. There is plenty of information available when you need it. These pop up windows open any time - even when another pop up is already open.

I am a mouse-challenged old lady who really appreciated the fact that you are never punished for clicking twice when you meant to click once. I dislike most trading games (such as in RPGs) where an item accidently bought cannot be instantly sold back without losing money. Also, if you click on a button there is no button under it for you to accidently click. The game is very friendly to clumsy oafs like me.

If you are looking for an action/arcade game to test your reflexes, pass on this one. If you are looking for a strategy game to test your wits, this game is highly recommended.

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Re:Reviews for Trade Mania 2

[Post New]by DMH5321 on May 4, 13 4:42 PM
I have played Trade Mania 1 many times, and have figured out how to beat it in all cities. This new game requires a new strategy. My original efforts took much time and easily led to near stalemates. That said, I love this new version, because it is different. I love the challenge!

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Re:Reviews for Trade Mania 2

[Post New]by dizplace on May 6, 13 7:53 PM
OK, so I'm playing this game for the first time and finally make it to Moscow. Not only do the players already have property, but they have like level II buildings on them! OK, I can deal with this, says I. Then proceeded to plod around the board with my 1 & 2 space rolls landing on all the parking, tax and other players lots while the rest race ahead buying up all the properties and leaping over the bad spots with a seemingly unlimited supply of step cards! Eventually, I dragged across the starting line with a measly two properties and a scooter with two beets in it that I had from the beginning and very little money since I kept paying rent to all the others. Well, even though "bankrupting a player" is one of the goals, I guess it doesn't count when it's you that goes bankrupt, because I didn't get any money for it.

So you might think from reading this, I didn't like the game. Not true, I actually love it. I enjoyed the first game, but this one is ever so much more challenging. It takes some real strategy to win and I like that you can choose the type of building. Unlike game I, the fact that the other players have existing properties and can buy step cards compensates for the bonuses that are given for accomplishing goals which I thought made game I a little too easy. I expect to get lots of game play from this game as I continue to try new strategies.

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Re:Reviews for Trade Mania 2

[Post New]by Taylsa on Sep 15, 13 3:39 AM
This second Trade Mania is definitely far more challenging.

From my point of view here are what I think are the pros:

1.The different types of buildings you can build on your properties.
2. Being able to purchase shares in the opponents companies with a view to eventually buying them out. Also comes in handy if you need a larger amount of cash - you can sell your shares.
3. The different cities.
4. The fact that your opponents have property from the beginning of levels two and three - it does make things more interesting once you get past the initial slow start.

Now for the cons:

1. The opponents chat bubbles - unnecessary and rather annoying to be blunt!
2. The camera zooming in when you have step cards to use - sometimes you can't see what you're about to land on and it is very annoying.
3. The casino seems to be rigged to make sure you lose or at the very least only win very small amounts - the most I have won so far is $2000 whereas your opponents win rather frequently
4. Sometimes when you click the wheel to take your turn it moves very slowly - at first I thought it depended on where on the wheel you clicked but it doesn't. It seems to do it when it wants certain things to happen - like landing on an opponents high rental property or the event segment.
5. Just a minor gripe here - some of the grammar is really bad. Such as using the word 'car' - there are no cars in the game! Vans, trucks and a scooter but no cars.

Overall I love this game and have played it a few times already. I hope they make a third but there are a few things I'd like to see in it if they do:

1. Remove the chat bubbles.
2. Stop the camera zooming in unless you want it to.
3. Make the casino fairer and, as I think someone already suggested, give a variety of games to play.
4. Make the wheel spin at one speed all the time.
5. Make it possible to sell vehicles as well as buy them - might be handy if you need a little extra cash.
6. Maybe add a few more cities instead of only three.
7. Add a buildings insurance card, like the car insurance card, for when buildings get damaged in the storm.

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Re:Reviews for Trade Mania 2

[Post New]by HotTuna on Oct 26, 13 3:21 PM
OK- I quit. I'm deleting this game. I really enjoyed the first Trade Mania, played it many times through and was looking forward to this one. but I've been on the first city for well over 4 hours now and am no where near finishing off the second competitor.

Plus, the wheel frequently covers your next move, so you can't tell whether you want to use a move card or not. I like the game to be at max zoom out, but it won't stay that way. Really bummed, but I do have other things to do with my time.


Re:Reviews for Trade Mania 2

[Post New]by Buccaneer2 on Jan 1, 14 12:04 PM
I know I am very late to the game but just got an iPad, so for what it's worth, here's my review.

I have found the previous Trade Mania 1 to be quite addictive even though there were two significant flaws:
1. AI buys expensive vehicles when they really should not
2. AI rarely buy skip/tax/discount cards when they should

I long had a house rule of not buying any cards because doing so was very overpowered and reduces the challenge in the game.

So, I was looking forward to Trade Mania 2 since it stated that the AI was more challenging (it's not) and there are more options (there are but they make the game even more easier).


1. I went to quickly play a Campaign game (which I hate because of the overpowered bonuses) so I could get into a Custom game. But it appears that bonus tasks still come up in a Custom game. That, imo, ruins the Custom game. Is there a way to turn that off?

2. The AI is buying more cards but they are buying the wrong ones - too many medical ones and not enough ones that would actually make a difference.

3. There is never a reason to build anything on a property besides a Factory. The ROI is so much greater. Having something this unbalanced is wrong.

4. When a property goes up for auction, it should never, ever go for less than its nominal value. Too easy to pick up properties for 1/3-1/2 value even if some of the AI has the money to buy at nominal or above.

5. I wish there was an option to turn off the Casino spaces - I would not waste any money on them but unfortunately, the AI does.

6. Unlike the first version, I do not see the AI ever building up that much money through trades and investments. Even what money they have, they do not build up a property (i.e., Factory) when they can and should. The AI is apparently worse of a trader in this version.

7. AI still buying expensive vehicles when they shouldn't.

8. Don't get me started on the Stock Market. It is too easy to buy out an opponent. I know this should be a house rule (since the AI does not participate) but what's the point of having this in there when all it does is to give the human player an even stronger advantage?

I do like the new cities except they are too small, I think.

I was hoping for a patch but now I see that it's too late and it's been out a while. That's too bad, I wanted to like this game (since I love the first version) but it plays stupidly and no challenge at all, not to mention the deal-breaker Campaign events in the Custom game.

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Re:Reviews for Trade Mania 2

[Post New]by herrbach on Apr 29, 14 7:42 AM
This game has a lot of potential to be challenging and fun, were it not for the large number of annoying, irritating, & plain infuriating features. It's like Monopoly on steroids!!
1. The screen constantly zooms in & won't stay where I select it. I continually have to adjust it. It gets so large I can practically see the pores on the AI opponents' skin! The game always starts at maximum magnification.
2. The newspaper announcements. PLEASE! You have to click each & every one when they pop up, which is very frequently. It'd be better if it would pop up, stay several seconds, then go away automatically, like the notices when other players receive cards, etc. I'd like to set the speed to normal or slow & just kick back & watch the others do their thing, but you have to keep your hand on the mouse, ready to click off the newspaper, sometimes three or four plays in a row. It's a strategy board game, not an arcade game. The fanfare is too loud (& really bad music) comparatively for the background sounds.
3. The bubbles of insipid comments by AI opponents in the campaign mode. They're dumb & stoopid, repetitive & often irrelevant. At least they're not there in the custom mode.
4. The view of the map is often obscured. Either by the spinner, or the buy/sell page. It'd be nice if you could move it out of the way to view the map to decide what to do. You just have to look at everything & remember before you spin. At the top when you click on a property to see info about it, the bubble usually appears behind the other players' icons so you can't read it.
5. The AI players are idiots and morons, even at the hard levels. At first I was reluctant to try the hard level in custom mode. But when I did, I didn't see much difference between easy, normal, & hard. Example: when properties come up for auction & I have enough $$ to bid, I always get the property, even if some other AI players have two or three times the money I have. It's too easy to get properties at discounts. They also use stoopid logic when purchasing buildings. They'll usually buy either hotels or supermarkets first. So the odds of making $$ is reduced. I always start with factories so I always have extra $$ every turn (except during a strike). Also, all the AI folks are all candidates for Gamblers Anonymous.
6. It stalls/freezes often requiring Ctrl/Alt/Delete to restart.
7. Some AI players look like they're 12 - 16 years old. C'mon!
It has potential for 5 stars. As is now, 3+.

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