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Great game

[Post New]by DonnyDJ on Feb 26, 09 1:39 PM
Something other than an exclusive hog If you want to give your brain some exercise rather than staring at a screen trying to find hidden objects, give this game a try!

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Re:Great game

[Post New]by Brandyco on Apr 28, 09 9:28 PM
This is a fun game. Like a tower defense but allows you to score if you go faster and have the hordes come on quicker. The game also lets you set up the path. That's the best part. I had a little trouble squashing bugs and ususally ended up planting a flower instead which would really throw things off. I had to quickly sell that flower so the path wouldn't be shortcut.

I normally play adventure large files, like Syberia or Return to Mysterious Island, as they are the best value but this one is a really good exception to the rule.

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