[Post New]by calypsoh on Apr 15, 13 7:07 PM
Try to use wrench to tighten down motor , game says try something else. Bolts tighted earlier, but still won't let me start motor without power cord falling off. Love game. Please help. Thanks

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[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Apr 16, 13 5:04 AM
Welcome to the Pond calypsoh!

I am including some of the information on this part of the game from the Shiver Vanishing Hitchhiker Walkthrough below in case it helps!

Look at the close-up of the motor (Q).
Use the BOLTS on the 4 holes (R ).
Use the WRENCH on each of the 4 bolts (S).
Attach the POWER CABLE to the outlets (T).
Look at the winch controls for a mini-game (U).

And the following is a screenshot of the scene, so that the letter keys above makes sense:


I really hope this helps!




[Post New]by calypsoh on Apr 16, 13 11:58 AM
Thank you, ,I reached the Island, love this game!

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