chapter 8 with two statues

[Post New]by imacat on Apr 15, 13 9:37 PM
I am finding the hidden objects and all of a sudden the picture freezes and the sound turns off. What is happening? I have uninstall and reinstalled 3 times. On one of the reinstallations I went back to the beginning and change my name and replayed the whole game. It still freezes and no sound. Frustrating!!! I like the game but am about ready to give up and ask for money back. Help!

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Re:chapter 8 with two statues

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Apr 16, 13 4:53 AM
Hi imacat,

It sounds like your computer and game are not communicating as they should with one another.

The following help article has some general troubleshooting steps that have helped others to resolve similar issues:

Game Crashing, Freezing, or Blank Screen

If those steps don't help, please run a Dr. Felix Diagnostic Report and then send that over to our Tech Support Team.

This will allow Tech Support to provide some advice tailored to your system!

Finally as this is a tech issue, I will be locking this thread but feel free to repost in the thread here, so we can keep all potential technical issues together.

Best of luck!


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