Florida 2-5 "Threeway"

[Post New]by jcolt44 on Apr 17, 13 6:49 PM
I saw an earlier thread regarding this as well but there was no response to it. I am stuck on level 2-5 because I cannot complete the goal of connecting all of the areas, but I have connected and reconnected, restarted, reconnected, and it will never let me get it. Anyone have any advice?

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Re:Florida 2-5 "Threeway"

[Post New]by cat52 on Apr 18, 13 9:03 AM
I had no idea what you were talking about until I replayed recently and the same thing happened to me. I left the last connection until after I'd accomplished the other goals but still with time to burn for the gold, then connected the last area and the game did not recognize that I'd done it.

I restarted and, this time, made sure that one of the very first things I did was connect the areas. I had buses running to the five hotels in the first two areas by then but, even so, it took a while to get enough $$ to connect area 3 - however, when I did, the game gave me credit for it. Even though I never ran any buses there, and even with the delay in upgrading the hotels due to building that last road, I still got a gold, so there is time.

Now I'm going to be a real wuss and note that I also built the third and last connecting road differently the second time through (when it worked); the difference was in the direction the first road tile took from the second area. I made it go straight up instead of jinking to the left. So it might be that and not the order of achievements - sorry I can't be precise on which it is, but I hope one or the other works for you!

I GOT IT! Here is the secret - don't destroy any of the existing roads in the three-way area - it is okay to destroy the squares right by the home depot, but getting rid of unnecessary road tiles in the hotel/residential area somehow disables the achievement for connecting all three of them. I have tested this twice now and can confirm the result.

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