Royal Settlement 1415

[Post New]by senojj369 on Apr 19, 13 11:56 AM

I can get it to down load when it comes to setup for Direct X and I hit the agree button it downloads, It downloads all the way until you hit to play then it says setup could not download the file. Please retry later check network connection. I I downloaded 2 other games at same time with no problem and try to retry 3 times with same problem. Never had any problems in past.

Candace Jones-Padgett

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Re:Royal Settlement 1415

[Post New]by bfgSeine on Apr 19, 13 1:24 PM
Hi Candace,

Welcome to the Pond and I'm sorry to hear that's happening. Since it sounds like the issue may be with getting DirectX to install correctly, I recommend getting in touch with our Tech Support Team so they can look into that further. We definitely want you to be able to play the game!

We also have a dedicated Forum and technical issues thread for Royal Settlement 1450 already, so I'll go ahead and move this discussion over to there and lock it. Please feel free to post any problems with the game you might run into here in that technical issues thread.

I hope that helps!


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