Game won't Save Progress

[Post New]by Snapefan on Apr 19, 13 3:27 PM
I don't know if anyone else is having this problem, but this games will not save what I've done when I quit the game even though I always click on yes. I've lost count of the time I've had to start completely over even after I've gotten to the point in the game where I've unlocked the Scavenger Hunt part. I've seen my user name flash up in the right hand corner a couple of times, but then it disappears. I really like the game, but what's the point of playing it if you can't make any progress? Does anyone have any suggestions because I'm about ready to ditch this and ask for my money back! Thanks for any help.

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Re:Game won't Save Progress

[Post New]by bfgSeine on Apr 19, 13 3:30 PM
Hi Snapefan,

Welcome to the Pond, and I know that's not fun when your game isn't saving your progress!

One thing you can check out that might help in getting your game to save is our help article here:

Game Not Saving

If those tips aren't working, please let our Tech Support Team know what's happening and they can look into that further for you.

Hopefully they can get your game saving so you can enjoy the rest of it!


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