Stuck on level 48

[Post New]by lATTY23 on Apr 20, 13 2:34 PM
Can anyone help me. I have been stuck on level 48 and I run out of time before I can complete it. I cant move any farther in the game. Thanks.


Re:Stuck on level 48

[Post New]by christyjoy on Apr 27, 13 1:20 AM
don't worry about the robbers, build your cash cat...use your fast work star and make sure you get enough workers. the more workers the faster the cash from the truck...also click on fast shops so they produce fast and click on stop time when you can...go build the cabin that gives you wood to the right but don't worry about building the shack right by it. then go build your cabin that gives you water and the one that gives you seeds. then go build your bird catcher cabin but don't worry about the sherrif cabin don't need it....keep going from getting wood to getting seeds and watch your bonus buttons so you can push those when they renew... also the 3 red watches in front of one of the flower beds i only click on the one directly in the front and leave the others. - o.k. this worked for me..i got gold with time to spare...Good Luck!!!

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