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Chapter 5: Last piece for book

[Post New]by NancyLou9 on Apr 20, 13 8:35 PM
I saw this question asked back in Nov. 2010 and then again June 2011 and neither of them ever got an answer. I'm starting to notice a pattern in here and it doesn't give me a warm fuzzy with regard to Big Fish and their games - seems they tend to ignore a high number of problematic posts where the game simply stops working...

I am in chapter 5 and need the last piece of the books. The hint keeps directing me to the periscope and then tells me to use the "Left" arrow, however, the image doesn't change and I can't find the last piece to the books that go on top of the cabinet.

Please advise? I'd like to move forward in the game and am unable to do so.

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Re:Chapter 5: Last piece for book

[Post New]by kali55 on Feb 15, 14 5:02 PM
Well, it's 2014 ( I think, been playing a long time) and people are still looking for the piece to the book and the gramophone etc. etc. Hello to anyone who is at home and gives a hoot.

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