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DD April 21 2013

[Post New]by NIMHURCHU on Apr 21, 13 1:04 PM
I really enjoyed this game and think it is well worth the $2.99.

There are 2 modes of play: Casual and Expert. You cannot change modes mid-game. There are sparkles for HOS in both casual and expert mode.

There are voice-overs.

There is a journal. It includes 3 sections.
1. Evidence tab; opens a page containing evidence photos that you have taken. If you hover over a photo, some details are revealed.
2. Characters tab: opens a page with photos of the characters. If you click on each character, a new profile page will open.
3. Story tab: opens a page with the completed chapters listed. Clicking on a chapter will allow you to review the story as you progress.

There are 2 maps. One is located in a scroll below the task book (bottom right corner). This is an overview of the different buildings.
The second map is located in the task book. This was more helpful to me. It indicates your current location, HOS, evidence location and areas to investigate. The map does not transport you to locations.

Task book: Also in the task book is a detailed task list.

HOS: There are 16 "find items on a list" HOS. There were only 2 interactive HOS, with very, very simple interactions. I found some of the scenes to be a bit more hazy/blurry than others.

Hint: Refills in 90 secs in casual mode and 3 mins in expert mode. There is no hint button outside of HOS. However, if you move your cursor around the scene, it changes to a magnifying glass to indicate areas of interest. If you click on a scene that has no active zones in it, "there is nothing left to do here" appears. With so many of my games, that's all the help that I get from the hint button, so I didn't miss having the actual "button".

Puzzles: There are 17 simple puzzles. They can be skipped in 5 mins in casual mode and 6 mins in expert mode.

Overall, this was a great game for me. It is such a nice change from my many vampire, ghosts, crazy scientists, demons, and lost family members games. The first time that I played the game, I was very confused and dissatisfied with the conclusion. I had so many unanswered questions. However, I loved the easy, relaxing gameplay, so I played it again. This time, I didn't neglect to read the clues in the journal. I read the newspaper clippings and telegram, which I would normally skip and it filled in some of the mystery for me.

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Re:DD April 21 2013

[Post New]by NIMHURCHU on Apr 21, 13 1:15 PM
Spoiler - highlight to read: However, I still do not know why our sleuth let the culprit escape.
There were a few annoyances, such as skip and hint buttons being much too long in casual mode, for me. Also there are 2 situations in which we have to backtrack 7 or 8 scenes unnecessarily. There is nothing to accomplish, except to listen to our sleuth pass along information that could have been done in the scene that we were already in.
However, the positives in this game by far out weighed the negatives, for me. I spent a very relaxing and entertaining 3 hours playing in casual mode. The second time that I played in expert mode, I read more information, and played for 4 hours. This is a game that I will definitely play again. A great deal at $2.99, in my opinion.

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