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nestor HELP!!!!!!

[Post New]by denilu on Apr 23, 13 10:20 AM
read the post on this but it's not working!!!!!!!! don't know if i am in throne room or not, in a room with a guard the queen & the hisser!! only can find one way out of room & thaen can't get past the guards!!!!!!! Queen says "I said GO AWAY while i reflect" am i in the right place? saved on the wrong one so to go back again i have to practally start over. THX


Re:nestor HELP!!!!!!

[Post New]by lenabean3304 on Jun 22, 14 11:25 AM
don't know if you figured it out already a while ago or if you will get this, but it is one of those times where you just keep trying. keep trying to escape and the dialogue will eventually change. try to escape. talk to her. etc...

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