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Re:DD April 25, 13

[Post New]by NIMHURCHU on Apr 25, 13 6:41 PM
This is a wonderful game, and as Twins pointed out, we have extras that we don't normally have in SE games. This is a good deal at $2.99. I began playing this game again today just to refresh my memory. I only intended to play a few scenes, but just kept was too much fun!

There is no choice in mode of play.

There are no voice overs.

There is a journal.

There is a map. I did not find it at all helpful. It couldn't be used to transport and it gave no indications of areas with objectives.

Achievements: There are 16 achievements.

Collectibles: There are 63 clovers hidden throughout the game. These can be found both inside and outside the HOS.
There are 28 ravens to collect.
Note: You must collect 50 clovers to unlock the unlimited HOS feature.

There are approximately 11 "find item on a list" HOS. There is minimal interaction, such as opening a drawer, in some scenes. I found some of the items to be miniscule and some very well hidden. Fortunately, there was no mis-click penalty.
There is 1 "find pairs" HOS.
If you click on the name of an item in the list, the silhouette of the object is shown in the lantern on your lower right. However, not using this option is one of the achievements.

Hints: These are earned by locating ravens. However, not using hints is one of the achievements.

Puzzles: There are 11 simple puzzles. They can be skipped in a little over 2 minutes. However, not skipping puzzles is one of the achievements.

Overall, I had a wonderful time playing this game, and I will definitely play it again. I still have not earned all of the achievements. I collected 59 out of the 63 clovers and 26 out of the 28 ravens. When I began the game again with the same profile, my earned achievements were still there. I was hoping that I could just collect a few more clovers and ravens to add to my count, but no such luck. My count started at 0 again. For me, the game took a little over 3 hours to complete the second time. I do recommend this game. However, do try the demo first.

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