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Tips and Tricks for The Clumsys

[Post New]by bfgErie on Jun 19, 08 12:17 PM
Using Hints – The Clumsys offers four different types of hints, each one more effective than the last. However, the more helpful the hint, the more time it will take for the hint system to regenerate. Using the compass using up very little energy and will point directly to the object you’re looking for. Use it first, unless you’re really stuck!

Items That Don’t Belong – When you are asked to locate items in the scene that don’t belong there, keep your eye out for toys, a child’s scribbling or objects from another place or time. Keep in mind that objects from another time may mean that they’re from the future or the past.

Placing Items Back – You will often be given the task of located items that have been moved around in a scene and then place the item the back in the right location. To help you place the items back, you are given a small photo of its appropriate location. Keep in mind that because so many items have been moved around in the scene, some of the items in the picture you are given wont be correct either. Look for other clues in the photo to help you replace the item if you are having trouble.

Here are some general suggestions that should help with The Clumsys. If you have any other tips for the game, post them here!

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