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stuck on dark side of notre dame

[Post New]by debbedy37 on Apr 26, 13 9:26 AM
I have clicked on hint and it says take the battery from the snake chest . I have hovered over the snake chest for 10 mins now and there is no battery.... help please

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Re:stuck on dark side of notre dame

[Post New]by bfgSeine on Apr 26, 13 1:54 PM
Hi debbedy37,

There are a few different points where the chest is accessed in the game, so I recommend taking a look at the walkthrough we have available here:

9: The Dark Side Of Notre Dame Walkthrough

I wasn't able to find any mention of a battery, but you can use your browser's search function by pressing 'Ctrl' and 'F' to bring up the search bar, then enter a keyword to locate.

Hopefully the steps in there help in getting past that part!


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