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Tips and Tricks for The Wizards Pen

[Post New]by bfgBering on Feb 27, 09 11:10 AM
The Candle – Watch the candle to the left of your screen. It will slowly burn out until you are out of reveals and guesses for a level. The more candle you have left, the more stars you will be awarded for a level.

Read Between the Lines – Read the message at the beginning of each book very carefully. There are hints about the objects you will find in the poems written by the magic pen.

Potions – There are ten different potions to choose from at the beginning of each level that will help you solve the puzzles. Try out all the different ones to see which you prefer and pick wisely because you only get 3 at the start of each new level!

These are just a few ideas to help you out while you play The Wizards Pen. Feel free to post your own tips!


Re:Tips and Tricks for The Wizards Pen

[Post New]by Qveenie on Feb 28, 09 9:29 AM
Try to use American English terms.

I'm from England and they don't always accept proper English name for things.

Thank god for US tv or I would be lost (What is a fire hydrant anyway?)

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Re:Tips and Tricks for The Wizards Pen

[Post New]by mbeish on Feb 28, 09 3:54 PM
A Fire hydrant is a fire plug where fire fighters gets water to fight house fires and other type of fires. I hope this helps.


Re:Tips and Tricks for The Wizards Pen

[Post New]by FOOFEE on Mar 9, 09 11:43 PM
WHY IS The Wizards Pen so JERKY and SLOW? Is it supposed to be this way? If not, HOW do I fix it? It is driving me nuts.

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