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Sea Anemone
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Level 21, Casual Mode

[Post New]by Tuara on Apr 27, 13 9:37 PM
Being on a new farm, how the heck do you make the money required?? Cucumbers are the only produce. The calf doesn't grow up until near the end and doesn't produce milk. Eggs are few and far between and usually only sold to the neighbors. That leaves flour and bread.

I have tried and tried to get gold on this level and the money requirement defeats me every time.

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Re:Level 21, Casual Mode

[Post New]by RynsMom on Jul 1, 13 10:54 AM
I know this was posted months ago, but in case anyone else is looking for answers to this very difficult level.

I finally managed to conquer it by selling off all of the sheep and keeping only one cow and one chicken. I didn't have grandpa grow any of the food for sheep, making his response time much quicker. I planted and grew cucumber in all six patches, three times. I managed to do it all in 3:39! Good luck fellow pond dwellers

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