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Moonfell missing HOS

[Post New]by anges35 on Apr 28, 13 4:32 PM
I am playing the iPad version of Moonfell Woods for the 3rd time. Previously, there were only minor glitches and games were completed.

When I bring up the cards, it goes right to inventory without my finding the objects. and when the HOS is called up, the tool from it goes right to inventory but there is no HOS. Then the game goes right into the next step.,

The puzzles are working, but the HOS are not. The game is progressing okay but I would like to have the HOS features. Do I have the option of downloading and installing this game again or is there something else I should do?

Would appreciate mod help on this.

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Re:Moonfell missing HOS

[Post New]by bfgSeine on Apr 28, 13 4:53 PM
Hi anges35,

I'm sorry to hear that's happening. One option is to uninstall and reinstall the game, though that will delete any saved game data on the iPad. Since starting over isn't much fun, I recommend getting in touch with our Mobile Support Team so they can take a look at that for you. If you'd like to check out some common troubleshooting steps, you can also check out our help article here:

iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch

We also have a dedicated technical issues thread for the game already, so I'll go ahead and lock this discussion. Please feel free to post any problems with the game here.

Hopefully that helps!


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