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Island of death

[Post New]by dubbe181 on May 2, 13 7:47 AM
I have installed the free trial for one hour, but the game wont start. reinstalled and installed again but the game simply wont start. please advice.

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Re:Island of death

[Post New]by bfgIzara on May 2, 13 10:39 AM
Hey there dubbe181,

I really appreciate you posting to let us know about these issues. How odd that the game won't start!

Really helpful that you've already uninstalled and reinstalled! Since that didn't help, I'd try running the game as an administrator. This makes sure the game has access to the needed resources to run properly. (Just click on the blue text for instructions.)

I would definitely also get in touch with our Tech Support with a Dr. Felix. One of our Reps will do everything they can to help figure that out!

Just click on the green to the right of the page and then select the Contact Us link to the bottom left to reach them.

I’ll be locking this particular thread to help keep all technical issues in the specific tech thread here, but feel free to post there for any further issues!

Hope this is helpful!


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