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egg lasers!! Help

[Post New]by yelwbkrd35 on May 2, 13 1:52 PM
I am about to collect the last piece of the ring. I have egg lasers that tells me I need to turn them off. I went to the walkthrough and there is nothing there about the lasers around the egg. This was brought up on another blog page yet that does nothing. Please help I played for so long


Re:egg lasers!! Help

[Post New]by Mooba2 on Jun 11, 13 4:43 AM
Hi. I'm not sure if you would have solved this since you posted but in case you haven't... The lasers are switched off using the machine in the room with the safe connected to the first room. Once you have set the dinosaur`s position and get the tape you can lift the finger print off the mug on the machine. You then use it to turn the machine on. To turn off the lasers you need to press the buttons and switches in the right order. The order is found in the safe.

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