elven mists 2

[Post New]by carolhbrt on May 2, 13 2:59 PM
I feel really stupid, I breezed through elven Mist then purchase EM2 and do the first 4-5 scenes then time runs out and have to redo all of it. Is there a point that you achieve the ability to move on. I don't like games that keep making you start over which is nothing like the 1st one. If someone can tell me at what point in the game does it allow you to progress that my give me some HOPE. LOL HELP!!!

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Re:elven mists 2

[Post New]by firestone1960 on May 2, 13 6:05 PM
Hi carol and welcome to the pond!!

Elven Mists 2 is one of my favorite games...it is a go to when I need to get my mind off of sleeplessness or pain or other stress.

To answer your question...ummm...no...you cannot progress without passing the level in a timely manner. That being said, it is possible to win all the way through...I name all my profiles after the first one in sequential numbers, when my last pc died I was up to #37 or 38...on my current laptop, I am on # 9. Some of the levels are on the difficult side...had one that took me several days, but, perseverance wins the day!!

There is always a way to win...mostly watching the manna levels when the level starts, and if the little containers for it is not very high - then just hit the menu button and restart, it will restart that level with new amounts in the manna containers - much better to do that then to play through and get so frustrated by losing again.

I didn't like the first one at all and didn't buy it...in fact, only checked it out after the second one came out ~ loved the second one so much thought I'd check out the first and after playing the second the first just seemed too slow to me...so, I can certainly understand if you liked the first one so much the difficulty you are having with the second. But, in truth, it is a great game!!

Good Luck


Re:elven mists 2

[Post New]by carolhbrt on May 2, 13 6:22 PM
thanks Firestone I will keep trying

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