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Question about the diamonds (spoiler?)

[Post New]by Yaelle on May 4, 13 6:10 AM
Is there anyone still around? I see I'm a little late to the game.
I am wondering what to do - I am at probably the end and they're talking about trying to count the number of diamonds worn by the queen.
Its the king who is trying to do so....
Its basically just everybody dancing around. It kept going on like that for a bit, so I thought I might try to intervene. I tried stepping in front of the queen to prevent whathisname from attempting to check out her necklace, but that did not seem to be the correct thing to do.

So I came here to ask.

I left a review but i just wanted to add that this game could not be better. Do not let the unusual graphics fool you!! They're obviously made this way because of personal preference. In fact, I'd say this game is far, far, far superior to like 85 or 90% of all of these aahhh I cant say it games that I've played in the past couple of years from any of the casual gaming sites. Absolutely so.

I've been playing Queen Anne's Diamonds for weeks! Do you have any idea how welcome that is from the norm? Since I never stop ranting about short games I have to stop right here but omg this is so much appreciated!!! I think somebody specifically referred the game to me in one of my complaints about how the games dont have any value. And I bought the sequel like probably 1/4th of the way through playing this (giggle!).

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