Level 15...PLEASE HELP!!!!

[Post New]by jenwoods2000 on May 4, 13 9:46 AM
Hi there,

Does any1 know how 2 get gold on Level 15? I've tried several times but 2 no avail...
(Note: Tried using the walk through on YouTube but I must b missin' somethin')


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Re:Level 15...PLEASE HELP!!!!

[Post New]by unclepaul on May 4, 13 1:07 PM
Aim to build the three wood stores as soon as possible. Work down the right hand side and get the Seed exchanger and Water Shack built.
Use the Power bonuses alternately as soon as they become available . Use the speed up when you have far to run and need to collect a lot of items quickly. Use the work faster when you have a lot of buildings to build (build up resources so you can build a lot quickly.)

1. Pick up 2 tools and then using the work faster bonus upgrade the workers car to get two workers. Then using the remaining bonus time work to the wood store and build it while the second worker picks up the other two tools and works across to the Timber for Tools exchanger.
2. Build the stairs on the right, and you will have one tool left to clear the grass on the left.
3. Pick up timber and go get three tools, the game timer will have given you another tool for total of 4. Close the fumarole on the left and clear the tree on the right. Collect another load of timber and clear the tree on the left. Collect another three tools from the exchange twice.
5. Close the fumarole on the right and clear the grass on the left leading to the timber mill. Apply the speed faster bonus.
6. Collect Timber and then build the mill on the left and after a visit to get 3 more tools continue clearing down right side , grass then bear trap and then collect timber and visit exchange for 3 more tools. Collect stone on left while you wait for a timber to allow you to build the right side Mill.
7. With three mills operating you are now collecting 9 wood per cycle which exchanged will give you 9 tools. Try and keep your tools above 5 and as your timber builds up upgrade each mill in turn.
8. Exchange for tools til you have about 20 and then upgrade the car for your third worker and use the work faster bonus to speed that up and the upgrade of the top and then the other two mills.

9. When you have enough to upgrade a mill wait til there is timber there then upgrade mill and collect the timber with the same worker by ticking the mill first and the timber second. This saves an extra trip.
10. By now you are collecting 15 timber per cycle and the timber will be building up faster than you can exchange for tools.

11. Clear the bear trap on right below second set of stairs and the grass, build the second set of stairs on the left and clear the grass and close the fumarole. You do not have to waste time and tools clearing the large stump.

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Re:Level 15...PLEASE HELP!!!!

[Post New]by unclepaul on May 4, 13 1:09 PM
(Part two)
12. By now you should get into a rhythm of collect timber, visit exchange and be repeating that as you slowly build up tools and timber.
13. Build third set of stairs on right as you have second worker clearing the grass tree bear trap and grass between the garden plots and third worker collects timber, visits exchange..
14, Clear tree at bottom, then close fumarole. Activate work faster bonus and clear grass and other tree and build watershack , clear last tree build seed shack and clear last bear trap and build storehouse and upgrade water shack. .
15. By now you should have about 40 timber and more than 10 tools.
16. Now exchange timber for seed, and tools and collect occasional timber to build up your tools to at least 8 tools and 24 seeds.(you need 1 tool and 4 seeds for the square plots and 1 tool and 2 seeds for the round plots. Get a gardener to build the tap while this is occurring and as soon as you get to 12 seeds start building the plots two by two so that you do not have two of the same colour together.
17. The square plots only have to be watered once so it finished pretty quickly and you can use any available bonus to speed this up.


Re:Level 15...PLEASE HELP!!!!

[Post New]by jenwoods2000 on May 5, 13 2:39 PM
TYSVM 4 ur help...gonna use this & will let u know when I make gold!

As of 2day (actually last week) I made gold (finally) but barely... TYSVM 4 ur help!

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