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[Post New]by nance91947 on May 6, 13 2:36 PM
Love the challenge of this game, enjoyed more than I did book I. However, I find myself, as others do, "stuck" in certain situations. Found a walkthrough complete with maps at
It is greatly detailed and found I only had to use this when you're not sure where to find that "strength" or "oratory" stone, ie.
Hope this helps and thanks all for sharing your great tips!!
Thanks BFG for such a GREAT GAME!!!!!



[Post New]by duleczka on May 31, 14 2:32 AM
Thank you very much. I don`t speak English, I can read and write a little so I am stuck very often. But I love BFG and I play almost crying and looking through all dictionaries around. Casualgamesguides is a remedy for me.
Thank you once again.

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