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DD May 7 2013

[Post New]by NIMHURCHU on May 7, 13 11:09 AM
Despite miniscule objects that are well-blended in to the backgrounds, I enjoyed this game. For me, this game was worth $2.99.

There is only one mode of play.

There are no voice-overs.

There is a diary containing the story.

There is a map. It can be used to transport. I found the map very helpful, as it lists the number of quests to be completed, the number of diamonds found and the number of fragmented parts to be found in a particular location.

Collectibles: There are diamonds to be collected in many of the scenes. They are tiny and well-hidden. There are 10 diamonds to be collected in each scene. The number collected is listed below the hint button, and in the map. Additional screensavers are unlocked as you collect the diamonds. I found a total of 150, with the help of the walkthrough.

HOS: There are approximately 22 fragmented hidden object scenes.
There are 4 "find items on a list" scenes.
There are 12 "find x number of y" scenes, e.g. find 20 flowers.

Hint: The hint button recharges in approximately 45 secs. It does work outside of HOS. It will tell you "try another location" if you have completed all available tasks in a particular location. It will tell you to "use an inventory item", but will not tell you where to use it. However, if you hover your cursor around the screen, areas that have interactions will light up. If you click on that area, you are given a hint as to what is needed.

Puzzles: There are 11 puzzles. They can be skipped after 3 mins. The puzzles were the typical gears, rings, torn pictures, memory etc. I found them all to be very easy.

Overall, I enjoyed this game much more than I expected. My eyes adjusted to the tiny objects, fragments and diamonds. I did keep my Nook open on the walkthrough page for cheats on the diamonds. This spared me a great deal of frustration and eye-strain. The story was average, with a satisfactory ending. This game provided 5 hours of entertainment, and was worth the $2.99, for me. As always, try for yourself.

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Re:DD May 7 2013

[Post New]by _Angel_angel on May 7, 13 4:57 PM
Thank you NIMHURCHU, for the great review.

I, also, bought this at the DD price today.

Had never seen, nor heard of it.

Except for the eye strain, I really enjoyed my hour, and was bummed enough when it was over to buy it.

Someone in the other 'review' area suggested a different screen resolution, I am going to try it out. Perhaps 600x800? or the other way around?

I would have to call this one 'old fashion fun'.

Thanks for sending out the "Oldie, but Goodie" BF.


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Re:DD May 7 2013

[Post New]by Jurinne on May 7, 13 10:57 PM
I got halfway through the demo and couldn't take any more. The items are too small to see and the game turns into hit and miss. The misclick penalty turns the room wavy for some time and actually made me queasy.

I wanted to like this game and I am willing to put up with some problems if the game happens to be a DD.

But not this time - too many problems. I'm passing.

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