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[Post New]by phatkhat on May 8, 13 9:33 AM
Warning: this is NOT a HOG. This game is an old-style point-and-click adventure with a few HOS here and there. You will be on your own to think, find inventory, and figure it out! IMHO, one of the best games to come out so far this year!

I'm playing on the hard mode, and there is no handholding except for the black bar tips that you can ignore if you like. NO sparkles - YAY!!

The production values are superb, from the slightly foggy opening cut scenes (you ARE coming out of an enchanted sleep), to the excellent voice acting, to the very challenging gameplay. (The occasional HOS are not difficult nor junkpile - YAY!)

Download was as fast as my miserable DSL ever is, and installation smooth. So far, no technical problems. (Old AMD 2x machine running XP.)

My ONLY gripe is the music. Extremely short loops, and while suitable to the scenes, they do become annoying after a while. I turned it down. I would like to see more options, like dumping the custom cursor - though so far it has NOT been draggy or slow, separate adjustments for music, ambient, and voice, and maybe an insane mode with no help at all.

Kudos to the Devs, and to BFG for bringing us this AWESOME game!!!



[Post New]by biscuitsmama on May 8, 13 10:03 AM
Glad you like it PhatKhat, so do I. It is a difficult game but fun to figure out, even though I feel like pulling my hair out at times.

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[Post New]by bfgIzara on May 8, 13 10:42 AM
Hey there phatkhat ,

So happy to hear that you've the game!

We try to keep all reviews and comments about the games in the specific comments and reviews threads here and here. That way other Fishies can swim in and easily find out more about a game, and also it makes collecting feedback for developers easier as well.

I'll be locking this thread to keep the game feedback in those two specific threads, but you're welcome to re-post there if you'd like to!



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