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Lipstick-has there been a fix?

[Post New]by Nana6177 on May 8, 13 10:10 PM
The subject line pretty much says it all. I bought this game when it first came out and never touched it until tonight. Has been fun, until this HOS...the last object to be picked up is the lipstick, there it is right in front of when I click on it nothing happens. I've moved that dead guy right, left, right, left and back again till the sun went down, still no lipstick.

Since the complaints I've seen regarding the lipstick date back to March I'm sincerely surprised not to see BFG post a fix on this page.

Has there been a fix and it's just not posted, or has it been forgotten?

getting ticked off

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Re:Lipstick-has there been a fix?

[Post New]by burf90 on May 22, 13 12:02 PM
There are four positions for the skeleton: high right, low right, high left and low left. Have you tried them all? I know only one works, but I don't remember which.

Make sure you try all of them before you assume it's a glitch stopping you. I thought I had hit this glitch, too, until I discovered that the skeleton moved in more ways than I thought and I could clearly see the lipstick from all of them. It's just that I could only take it from one position, and it wasn't the one that seemed logical, either.


Re:Lipstick-has there been a fix?

[Post New]by RichHunt on Jun 5, 13 9:59 PM
I literally had to restart the game from the top & once when I got to that scene, I clicked on the lipstick immediately & I was able to pick up the lipstick.

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Re:Lipstick-has there been a fix?

[Post New]by Acele on Aug 4, 13 7:03 PM
I had to start the game over too. If you grab the lipstick first, there's no problem. I hope I don't come across any other bugs in the game.


Re:Lipstick-has there been a fix?

[Post New]by bjalonen on Jun 18, 14 11:00 AM
I have tried all four positions none work can't pick up lipstick. Please fix.

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