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Flying elephant?!?

[Post New]by Ami38 on May 9, 13 1:17 PM
Feeling a bit dim, but have twice packed this fella off whenever my supplies are starting to drop. Both times, I have run out! And not seen him return! Is there a knack to using this spell that 've missed?

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Re:Flying elephant?!?

[Post New]by zuix on Jun 15, 13 4:05 PM
There is a lag between what looks like lots of customers in line and the actual customers buying up your potions. Don't look at the customers in line, just look at your potion ingredients. Wait until you see the ingredients actually drop to 0, then hit the flying elephant.

The longer you wait to use the elephant, the more money you will have to buy the replacements. The elephant replacements cost as much as you already paid for the ingredients at the beginning of that day.

Also, you can only use the elephant once per day.

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