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Level 33

[Post New]by sb54 on Feb 28, 09 11:44 AM
Hi. I'm having trouble on level 33.Initally i need to build one grand park and appeal of 250+ .Then later on I have to also have to get 250,000 in rent and 2 more grand parks.I can't seem to get the rent or the appeal.Can someone help me. Thank you


Re:Level 33

[Post New]by capadancermom on Aug 14, 09 6:17 AM
I needed 4 grand parks to get the appeal - here is what I did

Tips: upgrade workshop to lightning speed, always inspect your houses that you aren't upgrading so no repairs, buy and demo all small houses that come up for sale

First build a workshop and buy two workers
build a villa
sell it
buy more workers and build a palace

After this order doesn't really matter, I don't think:

build villas and palaces with room in between for parks
build recycle center fairly early on
paint and landscape everything (or maybe do 5 grand parks without landscaping? I haven't tried that but someone mentioned it elsewhere)

At the beginning, plan where you can put your workshop, recycle and garden center together to get the least negative appeal on houses
Good luck! Now if I can just get through level 34!

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