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Empress of the Deep 3

[Post New]by Grizabe11a on May 10, 13 12:28 PM
It says
"•Use the SPIRT AMETHYST on the MAGIC RUBY to collect it (209)."

USE IT HOW? It won't move. it just extends. Grrr.

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Re:Empress of the Deep 3

[Post New]by burf90 on May 13, 13 8:58 PM
If it extends, you need to find fairies to fill it. Once you've captured the fairies and filled the amethyst, it will glow and sparkle when you are near something it can be used on. Then just click it and it will work.

You have to find fairies for the amethyst every time you cross one of the bridges and enter a new area to explore.

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