Rough Rough Rough walkthrough spoiler alert cause it tells everything

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Mystery Murders: The Sleeping Palace
Take nail file from end table.
Zoom into table see little jewel case, use nail file on little drawers in back get ruby.
Zoom into mirror see it needs the ruby.
Zoom into window see it a needs handle.
Zoom into mechanical device it is now working.
You can exit room.
You see another device in the hallway, zoom in and notice mini game on the wall.
Go downstairs, play H.O.S. in alcove under stairs get window handle.
Notice clock on the landing.
Go back to your room and open the window on the left - get key.
Use key on jewel box take keystone, put this into the device on the hallway landing, play the mini game on the wall. Zoom in, click on the switches to light up each symbol to your left. Imagine a large clock and hit the switches accordingly. 9,8,5,12,4,3,2,11,10,7,1 and 6. That opens the hallway.
Go into the door on the left. Zoom into the puzzle box on the table.
Zoom into Alexander's hand and note the key.
Zoom into the wardrobe and find it locked.
Zoom into the clock see it needs to be opened.
Exit room and go forward.
First door on right needs several keys and left door locked also.
Go forward into the bathroom. Play H.O.S. on sofa and get keystone.
Zoom into sunken bath and note a place for water.
Zoom into the bath tub and note something in the drain.
Zoom into the sink take soap and razor and notice the lever to left.
Notice fire place to left you NEVER do anything to that.
Go to the hallway entrance.
Keystone goes on front door. Note statue on right you NEVER do anything with that.
Notice statue on left with dish where you will place a heart later.
As you face the front door you can go either right or left. Right now you can't go anywhere but back upstairs to Alexander and use the soap on his hand, take the key and open wardrobe and take puzzle piece from jacket pocket then use on puzzle box, work puzzle. Get brass keystone and read diary. The lamp on the table will now start glowing for a H.O.S. get a brass cog and gardening gloves.
Go downstairs to left hallway and use the device key to unlock the magic barrier.
Zoom into gold puppet and piano and note slot for clockwork key. Note mirror.
Note "Heart of Palace" device.
Throne Room
Zoom into the king and take the keys and handkerchief.
Note unicorn on the left.
H.O.S. gets you a silver show and glowing gem.
Go back to entryway and back up to where you are facing the stairs and look at the right potted plant and use the gloves on the thorns to get keystone for front door. Exit palace.
Go upstairs to the door with five keys. Click on the holes and it will enlarge for a mini game.
As the keys are laid out. 12345 Use them in this order. 53142
Note the device on the table requires five magic orbs.
Note the wardrobe sparkling open it and place silver slipper get unicorn horn.
Zoom into the bed and take the scarab.
Zoom into the mirror and place the Emerald.
Do H.O.S. and get keystone for front door.
Go to the throne room and place the horn on the left unicorn. Get Redman Crest and magic orb.
Place water keystone on front door. As you face the clock in the entryway by the gold lamps use the glove on the right plant stand. Get keystone place on the front door and exit the house.
Note the carriage. Go forward look at stone - nothing till the end of the game.
Play the H.O.S. get 2 wooden rungs.
Zoom into the back wall and take the key.
Zoom into the stairs see ladder.
Take two more rungs and place them on the ladder but you will not be able to complete ladder till you get to the game room.
There is an inscription on the bench, but it has nothing to do with the game.
Go back to face the carriage and turn left.
Take the bent wire from the pond.
Take the oil can from the window.
Click on the door for a mini game. I started top left and worked down and around.
Do H.O.S. Look well at the room cause you never get to see it again. Get pickaxe and valve wheel.
Go to the bathroom and use the wire hook on the bathtub. Get door key.
Go back and use on left door.
Zoom into girl and take the comb from her hair.
Note Mirror Play H.O.S. get clock hand and emerald.
Use the emerald on the mirror. Take key off your neck.
Zoom into the chest of drawers take heart.
Go to your room to use the heart on the picture on the end table. Get tiny gold key. Use on little box in vanity room get royal seal for carriage outside. Get key with tag.
In vanity room Zoom to the window take pitcher.
Go to the bathroom and fill the pitcher.
Go to Alexander's room and zoom into the clock. Use the hairpin to get the hand.
Go to the clock in the hallway put both hands and set it to noon.
Get Square brass keystone for right hallway.
Go to right hallway and use the square keystone and then enter the first room on the left, which is the dining room.
Zoom into the table and take the fork.
Zoom in on the antlers and use the fork to get the disk with 8.
Go through double doors. Zoom into the guy and put the Redmond crest on his finger.
Zoom into the hilt of his sword and get a magic orb.
Click on the tankard to his left and get a glass butterfly.
Zoom into the back doors and place the 8. Do a memory game and enter.
Zoom into the right back of the room poor water on the fire.
Do H.O.S. get sun symbol.
Zoom into the tea service open sugar bowl take key.
Zoom into the books take music book.
Go through back doors.
Take metal globe out of the side pocket
Zoom into cues take ladder rung.
Back out to hallway go forward
Use ornate key on left door.
Click on the ladder and use the oil.
Do H.O.S. get clockwork key and glass butterfly.
Use small brass key on robot.
Take cog, note place for heart.
Back out go forward.
Note paintings on wall, note door needs 3 cogs.
Zoom into back wall take iron cross and loose continent from wall map.
Note stained glass upper right. You can't place any butterflies till you get them all.
Use map to go to vanity room. Zoom into trunk use trunk key. Open butterfly case take butterfly. Go into Royal Bed chamber and place orb.
Use map to go to ballroom
Zoom into left thing, place hollow sphere on front left spindle on top of spindle.
Click and take air element There will be four of these.
Use map to palace gardens. Go outside to garden place rung on ladder. Take ladder. Back out twice. You will be facing the palace. Place ladder on the right use iron cross to open shutter.
Go back to library and place music book on book shelf to right. Take the sheet music. Use map to go to ballroom.
Place sheet music on stand. Use windup key. Zoom into sheet music play notes as written. Click on mirror for H.O.S. get magic orb.
Go to royal bedchamber place orb.
Back in the library zoom into pillows on chair use razor to get cog.
Back up and go forward to door with cogs. Place cogs on door click on door. Cogs holes will match. Enter Gallery.
This is where you start taking portraits from around the castle. In the back left of the gallery you put them all on the wall before you can do wall puzzle.
Click on display case to left, place the scarab and do H.O.S. get heart and butterfly.
Zoom into the bottom of the statue and place sun symbol. You need winding handle.
Zoom into right display case. Go to back of room.
Each picture place will tell you what to put there.
Zoom into big picture frame do this after pictures are all placed.
Zoom into suit of armor notice his chest needs shield.
Take the crystal heart to the entrance hall put in statues dish. Take back to robot in library.
Back up and he will move so you can enter the study at the top of the stairs.
Zoom into the sleeping prince and take the poison.
Zoom into the map behind him and take the key.
Play H.O.S. get ornate lighter.
Zoom into the window and get glass butterfly.
Zoom into chest of drawers note keyhole.
Zoom into globe place continent, take earth element.
Take portrait, notice safe.
Zoom into the deer head click on bottom lip take silver key, use on chest of drawers take last will and testament and magic orb.
Use map to jet back to Royal bedchamber and place orb.
Go to ballroom and take the picture from back wall.
Take picture on left wall in front of the throne room.
Go to game room get kings picture
Use map to jet back to hallway in front of gallery go inside and place pictures on wall.
Kim Simeon Larouche (L) Stephen L & Q Chantel Adrien L and P.D. Redmond
Alphonse Fraxis Lucielle L and King D. Highbridgell King Larochel and Q K. Larochue
Aimee Sophie K. Edward and Q Maria L, Martin Gilles
Elisabeth, Alexander, Lucas, Rupert
Place names take magic orb. Go to the Royal bed chamber and place final orb. Look at floor first because once you close up you won't be able to exit. Press the orbs in this order. 53241

Magic Orbs
From Throne room unicorn.
Zoom into the hilt of his sword and get a magic orb.
In the ballroom in the H.O.S.
Deer head in study
After you place the names in the gallery.
Take Amethyst. Go to stained glass windows and place butterflies.

In the tankard in the room beyond the dining room by the guy
In the library after you oil the ladder you will get one in that H.O.S.
In the vanity room zoom into the trunk use key and open case.
In the gallery the display case to the left, place scarab and get Butterfly
In the study up in the window.
Zoom into cage and note bird has something.
Zoom under bench notice pipe
Play H.O.S. get pipe wrench and Heraldry badge.
Go out door to right.
Zoom into the manhole and use manhole key, use valve wheel.
Zoom into statue take ball of seed.
Zoom into knight place purple gem. Notice he needs sword.
Go to gallery to knight in back of room and place shield on him, take sword.
Go back to inner garden give sword to knight go into catacombs.
Go to the bathroom and use pipe wrench on valve by sink.
Use valve lever on thing under the bench.
Then back in the catacombs use lighter on torch to the right
Click on hole in wall and connect pipes.
Go down tunnel turn right. Use pickaxe on stones, get heart.
Back up and go left zoom into wall take winch.
Go straight and use small brass key on robot.
Place glowing heart. He leaves.
Zoom into gate play game, place elements.
Give bird seed to bird, he gives you water element, go to outer gardens.
Zoom into hollow looking rain drop and put water element in hole above it.
Zoom into bricks get water element.
Go to gallery. Zoom into statue place winch handle take fire globe from her hand.
Go back to the catacombs and place elements.
Take missing piece, go to study.
36402 code to safe. Take blue amulet go to throne room. Place blue orb on red orb.
Congratulations you have won the game!


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Thank you...couldn't have done it without you!


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Thank-you so very much!!!! Was getting towards the end of my wits. Without your wondeful help I'd have pulled all my hair out!!! Thank-you. Big Fish should pay you...


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Lunaray, I have suggested that to Big Fish, but they are ignoring me.

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re catacombs
When trying to light torch is says no gas Help

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Thanks a million! Now I may actually get this game with a free game coupon. You're a champ!

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